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news Evapco Inc. was founded in The United States in 1976 and from the beginning has set out to be a global innovator in heat transfer solutions and a reliable partner to the cooling industry.

E1.jpg The Evapco group of companies has developed into the global market leader when it comes to commercial HVAC, industrial refrigeration, power generation, and industrial process cooling. With 170 sales offices worldwide and 15 factories strategically placed around the globe, Evapco can assure customers of our close attention, quick lead times and products suitable for the local market.

From our European factories in Belgium, Italy and Denmark Evapco provides a wide range of innovative products, including factory assembled open cooling towers, closed circuit coolers, evaporative condensers, dry and adiabatic coolers and condensers.

E2.jpg Our ability to offer the full Spectrum of cooling products and solutions gives any customer the peace of mind knowing they are talking to a cooling expert. The added value of our engineered designs and fanatical customer service also ensures our clients that they get best possible solution to their need.

V TWO EC 6IN AB.1.png In addition, Evapco also offers the possibility to add an in-house designed and integrated water treatment system, optimizing water usage and minimizing maintenance and down time. Evapco’s dry and adiabatic products have customized control systems for plug and play operation upon delivery.

Evapco’s wholly owned subsidiary, EvapTech delivers and installs large, field erected cooling towers to the Middle East market, enabling us to support any cooling load.

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As quality and reliability are in our DNA, Evapco products come with an independent 3rd party guarantee on capacity (CTI and Eurovent certification) and our production and sales organization meet the latest ISO 9001:2015 requirements. All coolers and condensers are designed and manufactured according to the Pressure Equipment Directive 2014/68/EU. The majority of all product lines can be upgraded to comply with ATEX 2014/34/EU regulations or be executed to meet Factory Mutual (FM) Approval.

Our local Mr. GoodTower Service Centers give customers the assurance that their equipment is  properly maintained and spare parts are available wherever and whenever they are needed. Contact Evapco for all of your cooling needs.

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