Our green vision

Sustainability has always been one of the dominant themes throughout our events. The time is now for us to play a bigger part in achieving the global Sustainable Development Goals. BGS Group is committed to organizing events in eco-friendly way. To minimize the environmental impacts we are making a shift towards greener practices and meaningful partnerships.

We are focused on continuous improvement and strive to make our events more environmentally conscious.
Join us on our journey to a sustainable future!

  • Think green

    At all BGS Group’s events we promote the green topics, solutions, and initiatives.

  • The 3R initiative

    We are taking steps to follow the principles of reduce, reuse and recycle to manage waste generated from our events.

  • Save resources

    We use less paper for the events materials by replacing them with BGS Network mobile app and Digital Congress Guide.

  • Less paper

    We are moving to paperless documents and forms in our offices.

  • Sustainability

    We carefully choose sustainable suppliers for presents and delegates’ kits

  • Begin with yourself

    We have launched an office recycling program to reduce waste and encourage our team to adopt sustainable lifestyle habits.