SOCAR lets a Baku Refinery modernization contract to Honeywell

SOCAR and Honeywell negotiated a contract in order for the latter to supply technologies for the Heydar Aliyev refinery modernization at Baku. The upgrading program is aimed at the increase of production, and the possibility to produce high-quality oil.

Honeywell Universal Oil Products will provide the service for pressure-swing adsorption (PSA) which will be installed on two units. They will be under Honeywell Process Solutions C300 systems control. These units are part of SOCAR’s Heydar Aliyev modernization program. The project is planned to be implemented in three stages. The main points are equipment modernization and installation of 14 facilities.

The first stage is to be completed by the end if this year. This stage includes the establishment of a bitumen plant, several associated plants, and a gas-filling station.

The second stage is to be completed by the end of 2020. This stage involves the construction of storage installations for Euro 5-quality diesel. Also reconstructions of already existing units will take place. The third stage is to be completed by 2021. This stage includes the establishment of an A-92/95/98 gasoline plant. It is aimed to increase crude capacity to 150,600 barrels per day.

However, no contract value or deadlines were specified. When the terms are clear, the modernization will make it possible for the refinery to produce a mix of crudes for Euro 5 quality gasoline, diesel, jet fuel, and asphalt production.

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