Tailored Productivity: The Role of Your Personal Manager in Congress Preparation

news At every BGS Group event, including PRC Europe, participants enjoy a unique advantage - personal manager support in congress preparation. But who is a Personal Manager, and why is their involvement crucial in preparing for these events?
For PRC Europe, optimising networking for maximum productivity is key to achieving the business goals of our participants. To streamline your experience, we offer various tools, with the Personal Manager being a standout feature. They are your constant companion throughout the preparation, during the event, and even afterward, ensuring you can focus solely on your work.

How is the personal manager doing it?

Discussing Business Goals

The congress isn't just a gathering; it's two full days of intensive work. Recognising that each participant has specific business goals, your personal manager will engage with you to understand them better and tailor solutions that enhance your event experience.

Answering All Questions

Everyone comes to the congress with queries. Whether it's about delegate numbers, available amenities, or nearby accommodations, your personal manager is there to provide answers. Don't hesitate to ask—your questions are a sign of diligent preparation.

Handling Requests

In the exclusive environment of PRC Europe, we operate on direct invitations and participant requests. If you have preferences for meeting Oil Companies, EPC Contractors, or specific entities, share your requests with your personal manager. This ensures a well-balanced and high-quality audience aligned with your interests.

Sending Updates

As organisers, we continually have updates - new companies joining, speakers joining sessions, new sessions launching, or registrations opening for special events. Your personal manager keeps you informed about every update, empowering you to stay ahead and explore event brochures in advance.

Finding Solutions in Different Situations

Life situations can be unpredictable. With years of experience, the PRC Europe Team, aided by your personal manager, can navigate and resolve challenges effectively. We believe that any situation can be handled optimally with mutual respect and support.

Navigating You at the Venue

With each passing year, PRC Europe grows, and venues change. Your personal manager ensures you feel at home—offering a personalised tour and guiding you throughout the event, helping you locate sessions, exhibition stands, VIP meeting rooms, and other crucial spots.

Listening to Your Feedback

Your feedback is invaluable. Post-event, share your thoughts with your personal manager. For instance, based on feedback from attendees at PRC Europe 2023 in Austria, we have added two panels specifically focused on the impact of legislation and alternative fuels. Find out which panels to attend by contacting your personal manager. Your insights help us improve PRC Europe each year, aligning the event more closely with industry interests.
Never hesitate to reach out to your personal manager. They are your dedicated business partner, committed to making your days at the congress as productive as possible.
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