PRC Europe 2024: Innovations and Collaborations that Pave the Future of the Downstream Industry


On May 13-15, 2024 Oil and Gas industry leaders met at the 8th Petrochemical & Refining Congress: Europe to connect, collaborate, showcase their innovations and discuss the future of the Downstream sector. This year the Congress was co-hosted by the renowned companies: Aramco Overseas Company B.V. and Energy Transition Campus Amsterdam, which helped to create a productive atmosphere for networking and advancing the energy transition.

Industry leaders in the spotlight

PRC Europe 2024 gathered over 400 delegates from more than 200 leading companies in the vibrant city of Amsterdam for three days of productive networking, valuable connections and exclusive insights. Among the top oil & gas industry players attending the Congress were our Regional partners: Fluor, Technip Energies, BASF, SABIC, Bayernoil Raffineriegesellschaft and more.

“The Congress is quite multicultural, with attendees from all over the world. I was impressed by the number of participants from different countries”, - Gustavo Stasiejko, Global Industry Manager for the Chemical Industry at Endress+Hauser. 

Delegates shared their visions on such essential topics as decarbonisation and deffosilisation, alternative fuels, carbon capture and storage, sustainability and circular economy.

PRC Europe 2024 business programme: path forward a sustainable future

Sustainability was a recurring theme throughout the PRC Europe 2024. Interactive sessions dedicated to reducing carbon footprints, improving energy efficiency and integrating renewable energy sources highlighted the industry's commitment to a greener future. 

“I think this is a great Congress for senior level professionals and also for technical experts, with people who really understand the refining and petrochemical industry. I find it very useful”, - Ferry Winter, Director at Energy Transition Campus Amsterdam.

Day 2 of the Congress was marked by a productive Workshop “Aramco Overseas Company: Synthetic fuels and refinery of the future”. Aramco’s experts, Shashankar Varahabhatla and Madeleine Mitschler, shared exclusive insights on the company’s path to the energy transformation, the key enablers and hurdles in the refining business and the stages of refining system evolution towards a low carbon economy. Further discussions and questions from the audience allowed participants to delve deeper into the topic and explore collaborative solutions. The strategies and technologies presented at the Workshop demonstrated a strong commitment to reducing environmental impact.

Innovative solutions in action at the Focus Exhibition

The Focus Exhibition and EcoTech Zone were hubs of activity, showcasing the latest technological advancements in the Oil & Gas industry. Attendees had the opportunity to explore cutting-edge solutions, from advanced data analytics and AI to new catalytic processes and renewable energy technologies. 75 exhibitors, including Burckhardt Compression, NEUMAN & ESSER Deutschland, Endress+Hauser, TDA Research and Imubit, demonstrated their innovations and explained how they are advancing the industry.

“I like this Congress because it really brings the petrochemical community together and there are people who are going to implement many of the solutions that are being talked about”, - Eugene McKenna, Vice President of Hydrogen & Sustainable Technologies at Johnson Matthey.

PRC Europe 2024 Gala Dinner: where cuisine meets connections

This year, PRC Europe 2024 Gala Dinner took place in the unforgettable setting of a city centre landmark: the Posthoornkerk. Its unique charm, coupled with a delicious meal, jazz music and a relaxed ambiance, enhanced the networking process and created a truly remarkable experience.

A traditional BGS lottery with coveted prizes and exciting gifts from the PRC Europe main sponsors added a touch of fun. Congratulations to all the lucky winners of the Gala Dinner Lottery! Live entertainment at the Dinner maintained a high energy level throughout the evening, fostering countless networking opportunities.

Day 3: an exclusive visit to Energy Transition Campus Amsterdam

Day 3 of PRC Europe 2024 provided an exclusive chance for the Congress participants to visit the Energy Transition Campus Amsterdam (ETCA) - the hub of technology and open innovation. This visit undoubtedly sparked inspiration and fostered a deeper understanding of the evolving industry landscape.

The delegates gained invaluable insights from ETCA experts and witnessed unique advancements firsthand. Ferry Winter, Simone Kranendonk and Rishabh Chopra welcomed the delegates to the Campus which serves as a home to a vibrant ecosystem consisting of 24 organisations, bright minds, offices and state-of-the-art laboratories. The experts shared ETCA’s strategy, explained how they make an impact in the energy transition and discussed the further potential for the ecosystem to bring solutions from lab to market. Attendees became a part of dynamic and productive discussions as well as a Masterclass on AI Infused Digital Twin technology.

The walking tour through ETCA became a highlight of the visit, allowing delegates to observe innovative technologies, sustainable practices and groundbreaking solutions from the ecosystem, such as 3D printing, XTL Green Kerosine, E-furnace and Bio massa (HDO) which shape the future of energy.

During this visit, delegates gathered numerous ideas on cooperation and interaction between their companies, helping to accelerate the energy transition.

Collaboration is key

One of the standout features of PRC Europe 2024 was countless opportunities for dynamic and productive networking. For three days, delegates engaged in continuous communication, seizing every chance to exchange business cards: in the session halls, at the Exhibition and EcoTech Zone, in the B2B area, during the Gala dinner and the Day 3 visit to the Energy Transition Campus Amsterdam. Comfortable and friendly VIP meeting room atmosphere allowed professionals to connect, share ideas and forge partnerships. The event facilitated more than 340 business meetings that are expected to lead to beneficial collaborations and innovations.

“Looking at the industry leaders unstoppably networking for 3 days in a row was fascinating. I would like to give kudos to all participants, and I hope that the amount of contacts gathered at the event will result in good outcomes in the nearest future”, - Olga Shemberkas, PRC Europe Project Director.

Shape the future of downstream: become a part of PRC Europe 2025

As the PRC Europe 2024 Congress drew to a close, it left participants with a sense of optimism and purpose. The event not only highlighted the current state of the Downstream sector, but also charted a path forward, driven by innovation, collaboration and sustainability.

PRC Europe 2024 has undoubtedly set a high standard for future events. We want to extend our sincere thanks to the sponsors, partners and delegates who helped us to prove once again - when industry professionals come together, the possibilities for progress and transformation are limitless.

We're gearing up for an even bigger and better event next year. Mark your calendars for the 9th edition of the Petrochemical & Refining Congress: Europe. The event will take place on May 19-20 in Milan. The registration is already open! Learn more

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