As a PRC Europe accredited journalist you have the opportunity to personally attend the Congress, visit all sessions, take part in discussions and, in agreement with the organizer, interview representatives of oil companies, EPCs, refineries, petrochemical plants, chemical companies, licensors, service providers, and equipment manufacturers and other participants. Due to the high level of the delegates, a limited number of media representatives are accredited for the PRC Europe.

This format is for you if:

  • you are an expert in the Downstream industry and have extensive experience in media
  • you are working for a top O&G media or specialize in the Downstream industry
  • you want to write an article on the petrochemical and refining market
  • you want to interview the Downstream experts

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Please note that there is the limited number of slots for the media accreditation. To check the availability please fill in the form below.

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